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The Daily Stat - Football

The Daily Stat - Football

Every day, you will receive an interesting statistic, or statistics on a particular game, which might help you in your betting activities.

Note – these are not tips, or predictions just something to help you.

The stat could be about a game played today, tomorrow, next week, or just advice about a team’s scoring, conceding, or a whole host of things.


Heerenveen who play in the Dutch Erevidisie, have averaged 2.18 first half goals in their last 17 matches, as I write this, they are next playing in 5 day’s time.


Now, I as a betting man, would be looking to place a bet on possibly over 0.5 goals in the first half of this game, which happens to be away to Ajax, or possibly over 1.5 goals, depending on the odds in question. Also 2.18 goals in the first half, suggests to me that this game could be a good candidate for a bet on Overs 2.5 goals at full time.

And so, on and so forth the next day, you will get a different stat, that you can use to your advantage.

This is a low cost advice service (not tips)

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