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Refund Policy HJ

ALL our items are intangible products, and as such cannot usually be returned.

For example, you purchase a system, on receipt you decide its not for you, this cannot be returned because it is now impossible to erase a customers memory of the information contained within it.

If you have purchased a monthly subscription, and after 2 weeks minimum decide you do not wish to continue with the service Honest Jon will refund your subscription on a pro rata basis. No refunds will be made on services prior to 2 weeks elapsing, this is not enough time to fairly judge any service.

For example you purchased a month of service at £20.00 after two weeks you decide its not what you wanted or it is not performing to your expectation. Honest Jon will refund you the 50% not used, e.g £10

If you haven't received a refund yet where we have told you we have issued one, please check your bank account or card statement to make sure it hasn't been received and then contact your bank as some banks or card companies take a number of days to credit your account.

If an item you purchased was purchased with a discount voucher, then we will only refund the amount that you paid (and not the amount the item was listed for).

If an item you purchased was in a sale then it may not be eligible for a refund if you have changed your mind. If you are in any doubt please contact us before making the purchase.