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MIstra Know It All - Football LAY system


“More goals in this game”

Have you ever heard that expression, often used by commentators and mistra know it all’s on the terraces “there’s more goals in this game”?

Whether you have, or you have not, if you can answer yes to the following questions, this could be the system for you.

Do you bet in play

Do you bet on football

Do you place lay bets

Do you want to win money.

If the answer is yes, read on. 

We are betting (laying) in the correct score market.

We have strict criteria as to when we bet

We have strict criteria as to the odds we bet on

We have strict criteria as to the selection we bet on

We have strict criteria as to the games we bet on

We have a staking plan.

  • As ALWAYS, I can send you my Betfair Bot Manager V3 file for use with that bot, or can send the instructions should you wish to operate the system using another bot. Please let me know if you require this.
  • I send instructions if you wish to operate it manually which is POSSIBLE BUT will require some time at your device on your part.

As with most laying systems this has a relatively high strike rate

Can be operated with a small initial bank (£50)

You can add a stage 2 to the betting process, which is revealed in the full document, (I personally use only the initial stage)

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