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How to Bet on Lotto

This system shows you how to bet on the UK lotto. This is the Saturday night/Wednesday night 6 number big payout, not the thunder ball, or the other games, it is for “the lotto”.

The occurrence of balls (numbers) being chosen is of course completely random, and so the chance of 1,2,3,4,5,6 being drawn is in theory just as great as any other combination, but here’s the rub, just like in any supposed random occurrence the law of averages comes into play.

E.G Throw a dice enough times, let’s say you did it 600 times, you will find that the results will not be too far away from 100 occurrences of each number, yes there may be deviations, and runs, but over time they come back into line, and the longer you go on the greater the correlation to 1 in 6 will become overall.

The same is true in the lotto, you can access figures going back years and the % occurrence of each number whilst it has its deviations in time with numbers becoming hot (coming out a few times in close proximity) or going cold (not being drawn for weeks on end) will over time come back into line and stick fairly closely to a 1 in 59 occurrence as it should in a 59 number draw.

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