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P(lay) Away Football lay system

Interesting story, this system started out as a backing trial, went so, so, so badly wrong, that I switched it to a lay system trial.

I have done this numerous times in the past, and often that switch wont work, because of the differing natures of backing and laying on the exchanges.

This one however, has benefited from the switch, and now has gone so so so, greatly right.

In short

We are laying in the match odds market

  • At Certain odds
  • With specified conditions
  • Using a staking plan
  • Using a fail safe, backing trade.

At low level laying £3 approx you can expect to make £50 - £100 a month.

This is another system that really requires the use of a bot to be used to full effect, primarily because we are linking our bets to a staking plan, and we are both backing and when needed laying on the exchanges.

I can supply the plug in file for Betfair Bot Manager V3 users, and instructions if you are using another bot.

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