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Q. When will my subscription start

A. Officially the day after your purchase, if its possible time wise Honest Jon will send out that days tips for free, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Q. How long is a monthly subscription 30 days or calendar month

A. Calendar month if your subscription starts on the 21st it will end on and including the 20th of the next month.

Q. Do the subscriptions auto renew at month end

A. NO, 

Honest Jon don’t do auto re subscribe, we prefer that you opt in each month or so. Its not good for Honest Jon or you, having unhappy subscribers who might have just been caught out, forgetting to cancel an auto renew subscription.. Also having been caught out with auto re-subs that I no longer wanted myself in the past, we are just trying to act in a more customer friendly, integrity based way.

If you renew early the subscription will add another month onto the date of your existing subscription ending (so no loss in time).

Yes you will have to renew each month, but we will send out both reminders before the date, and to tell you that its ended, after the date.

We also offer 10% discount if you subscribe for 2 months at any one time, you will pay the normal subscription fee (just order 2 rather than 1) and we will refund via paypal that same day. That also applies to 15% for 3 months, and 25% for 6 months.

Q. When do the tips for the tipping services arrive, and how.

A. Usually between 9-12 am on the day of the event, occasionally earlier and very occasionally the night before. All are sent via e-mail.

Q. How will I receive my system.

A. All products are sent via e-mail as an attachment, in word/excel and/or pdf format.