I have been at this betting game for quite a while now.

My focus shifting from high street bookmakers to online, with the advent of betting exchanges (betfair, betdaq etc) in the mid naughties.

I have spent many hours (usually fruitless and frustrating) on forums of websites and tipping sites etc, mainly talking to ignorant idiots and the ever present billy bullsheet bigtimers, but every now and again you come across a decent intelligent well meaning person (it is the exception not the rule).

This is a simple bit of advice, I was given and it is worth a fortune.

This applies to online punters like me. If you make profit overall on a particular day, WITHDRAW some money from Betfair or the exchange you are using to your bank. You decide on how much, I personally go for 50% of my winnings, but you can decide what suits you best.

1. It makes you feel good

2. You are rewarding yourself

3. It prevents bigger losses. For example lets say you start the day with £300 in your betfair account, and you end it with £400. WITHDRAW £50, so your balance is now £350, not only will it mean you know you are winning, but if the next day as occasionally happens is a total disaster you wont lose £400 but £350 max. Obviously this is a worst case scenario, but I cannot tell you how good it feels to regularly have money transferred from you betfair account to your bank. It is such a good feeling.

4. If you lose on a day, just don't do anything, but the next day if you win WITHDRAW, even if your balance is less than it was day one.

e.g balance £300 you lose £100 day one balance now £200, next day you win £40 balance now £240, WITHDRAW £20, you will feel better, Its true believe me.