What to do on a quiet betting day

Its a beautiful day outside, must be high twenties centigrade thats low eighties in old money. Phew its hot.

as we say in Yorkshire, "its cracking the flags"

I could be in Spain or Greece, or anywhere in the med, but I know its England when I step out onto the main street, a short hop from my cul de sac.

The hookas are outside the local restaurant, placed on the tables, and the traffic rides by a few yards away with windows down, and generally totally rubbish music fills the air (boom boom boom, yeah smack my bitch up), but thankfully only for a few seconds at a time, as the traffic moves on.

The students amble up from the town and wait at the bus stop, not for a bus but for their drug of choice, its a local dealer, user meeting place, and the customary fist bumps and semi secretive hand overs of cash for a little plastic bag of pills or weed takes place, You can sit here and see this happen 30, 40 times a day, the authorities and the police do nothing, So dont even think about trying to stop it..

I tried in 2016, that is 2 years ago now, by reporting the illegal activities to the council and the police, next thing I know I am accosted in the street, have a knife placed at my belly, by an asian gentleman of 18 stone with the words "interfere in our business again, and thats going in", ah ok, thanks council worker or police officer for taking that bribe and letting them know who I was, what a corrupt world. Oh and guess what 2 years on, of course nothing has changed.

Mr Ali, has set up the chip shop and leaves Martha to do the serving from 11 till she knocks off at 7, he has also set up the pizza takeaway and the chicken and chips shop opposite, all owned by Mr Ali, all staffed by Not Mr Ali.

This is England in 2018, my mother died in January of this year, and before she became so ill and senile that she wasnt making any sense, she said to me, and she wasnt joking, "get out of here, get out of England too if you can, their is nothing here for you now" Strong words from a woman who fell in love with and married a foreigner ( a Polish paratrooper) in the 2nd World War.

I dont have the cash to get out, so here I stay,

Its days like these, quiet, hot, reflective when you can go looking for bets that really are not their.

You have you systems criteria, and/or you service tips or not as the case may be, and because it so slow, you start thinking, ah maybe I will loosen that rule of only betting on 2nd and 3rd favs that are under 4's odds to 4ths also to see what might turn up.

The worst thing that can happen from this is that you find a 4th fav and it wins, now you are on the slippery slope, hey maybe that will work again, 4 hours later and 2 winning bets and 6 losing ones that you would not have otherwise made, you have lost a little bit of money, and spent a lot of needless time and energy doing it.

Its a bit like chasing a loss, dont do it. On quiet days dont go and find bets, repeat dont go and find bets. By all means do some research, try out things, paper trading or simulation or tiny bets on bots, or better still, do a bit of that and then go and see Sam or Joanne or whoever at the local boozer, or cafe, and talk about what it was like when England was England.

Till next time